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Find out more about Payments Services' senior management and the teams they lead.

Dave Beck
Senior Vice President

Dave Beck joined the Baltimore Office as a budget and expense coordinator in 1984, and has held management positions in accounting, data services and cash services. He was named operations officer in 1995, assistant vice president in 1996, and vice president over cash and fiscal services, payment services and check processing in 1999.

Beck was promoted to senior vice president and regional executive of the Baltimore Branch on April 14, 2005. In addition to leading the Payments Services function, he has local responsibility for regional outreach and the Branch Board of Directors.

Cash Services

Terry Wright
Vice President

An Illinois native, Wright started his career in the Federal Reserve System at the Atlanta Fed in 1995. He relocated to the Richmond Fed in 2004 and was promoted to vice president in 2005, assuming responsibility for the Bank's check operations in Charlotte and Baltimore. Wright currently directs the Cash Services division and serves as the deputy regional executive at the Richmond Fed's Charlotte office.

Jonathan P. Martin
Assistant Vice President

Born in Culpeper, Va., Martin started at the Richmond Fed at its former Culpeper office as a budget and purchasing supervisor in 1990. He moved up the ranks and assumed the role of assistant vice president of high-speed operations for the District in 2004. Martin currently directs the cash processing operations at the Bank's Richmond office. He and his staff also support the Currency Technology Office on the testing and acceptance of high-speed processing equipment, counterfeit detection technology, and currency designs.

Kelly J. Stewart
Assistant Vice President

An Illinois native, Stewart started her career in the Federal Reserve System at the Kansas City Fed in 1992. She relocated to the Richmond Fed in 1997 to provide leadership in the check services area, and was subsequently promoted to assistant vice president of check services in 2007. Stewart currently leads the cash processing operations at the Bank's Charlotte office.

Currency Technology Office

Roland Costa
Senior Vice President

A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Costa joined the Richmond Fed as a lead software systems programmer/analyst in 1984. He moved to the Currency Technology Office in 1997, assuming the role of a currency systems project manager. Costa moved up the ranks, assuming his current position of senior vice president and chief technology officer in 2010. He currently oversees two cross-functional teams that provide technology and services to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of cash operations at all Reserve Banks, and to ensure the quality and integrity of U.S. currency in circulation.

Payments Studies Group

Gail Susan Ball
Assistant Vice President
A native of Syracuse, N.Y., Ball joined the Richmond Fed leading the Payments Studies Group (PSG) in 2014 following over 20 years of treasury management operations experience with several top 10 banks and nearly a decade as corporate treasurer for a global accounts receivable business processing outsourcing firm. Ball oversees the research direction and output of a team of data analysts and research personnel who conduct primary research and leverage a growing dataset of merchant transactions currently at 5 billion records. The PSG convenes the Fifth District’s Business and Consumer Payments Advisory Council.  She is a frequent speaker at payments industry forums and is an AAP (accredited ACH professional) and a CTP (certified treasury professional).


Treasury and Payments Services

Malissa M. Ladd
Vice President

A Pittsburgh native, Ladd joined the Richmond Fed as a treasurer's transcript clerk in 1990. She held a variety of positions in the Reserve Accounts Department prior to being appointed vice president of Treasury and Payments Services in 2004. Ladd directs the division, which oversees the operation of a myriad of software applications in support of the U.S. Treasury Department, the USDA's Food and Nutrition Service, the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Federal Reserve System.

Diane H. McDorman
Assistant Vice President

Born and raised in Richmond, Va., McDorman joined the Richmond Fed as a systems analyst/programmer in 1989. She assumed her current executive position in Treasury and Payments Services in 2004. McDorman oversees T-CORE, a group that works with the U.S. Treasury Department to improve its check processing operations; IPAC, an application that tracks payments and collections for transactions between federal agencies; Government Agency, an application that processes loan repayments for federal agencies; and DORPS, an application for maintaining historical records on intra-day credit and credit pricing. In addition, she oversees several teams that provide backup support for payments-related operations at the Reserve Banks in New York, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.

C. Kim Nguyen
Assistant Vice President

Born in Vietnam, Nguyen joined the Richmond Fed in 1992 as a supervision and regulation examiner and later held leadership positions in the Accounting and Reserve Accounts department. Appointed to the assistant vice president position in 2010, Nguyen has responsibility for activities supporting the Central Electronics Payments Systems such as Fedwire Funds and Fedwire Securities, as well as the administration of depository institutions’ interface testing with these systems. Nguyen also oversees the application support for Account Balance Services, a system used to measure depository institutions’ use of intraday credit in their Fed master accounts.

Brent M. Stanton
Assistant Vice President

Born in Michigan, Stanton joined the Richmond Fed in 2013 and has responsibility for several business lines operated by Treasury and Payments Services on behalf of the U.S. Treasury and other government agencies. Stanton oversees the operation of multiple software applications including: CA$H LINK, an application that records government agency deposits and payments processed by the Federal Reserve; AMA, an application that supports the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service; and Government Agency, an application that processes loan repayments for federal agencies. In addition, he supports the Central Account Processing initiative that is focused on the real-time settlement of funds into the Treasury’s General Account. Stanton has over 16 years of experience in strategic planning, operational excellence and continuous improvement.

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