Supervision & Regulation



We supervise and regulate Bank Holding Companies (BHC), Financial Holding Companies (FHC), and State Member Banks (SMB), to promote a sound banking system, foster stability in the financial markets, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and encourage financial institutions to responsibly meet the financial needs of their communities.


We promote effective supervision of banking entities to foster stable and credible financial markets within an environment of organizational pride, developed through professional excellence, mutual respect and innovation.


Congress has assigned to the Federal Reserve responsibility for implementing certain laws pertaining to a wide range of banking and financial activities. Those laws are implemented in part through regulations. These regulations are organized by alphabetical letter and occasionally are modified to meet the current needs of the financial community. The public is invited to provide input to proposed modifications via the comment letter process.

Community Banking Connections Newsletter

Community Banking Connections is a quarterly publication dedicated to addressing issues that community banks currently face; providing resources on key supervisory guidance; highlighting new regulations; and offering perspectives from bank examiners and other Federal Reserve staff.