Examiner's Corner

This section highlights examiner insights and sound practices gained from examinations of community banks within the Fifth Federal Reserve District. 

Consumer Affairs: Savings Accounts

Section 204.2(d)(2) of Regulation D provides that for a “savings account” — which includes a money market deposit account (MMDA) — preauthorized withdrawals are limited to six per calendar month or statement cycle (of at least four weeks). Institutions must either prevent excess withdrawals or implement a process that monitors such withdrawals and notifies depositors that exceed the limit. The account must be closed or reclassified as a transaction account if the account holder exceeds the withdrawal limitation more than occasionally.  Examiners have recently cited violations involving both the absence of an established monitoring process and the failure of established processes. Causes of violations have included failure to ensure that all MMDA and savings accounts are included in the monitoring process, inadequate training, and lack of controls to ensure closure or reclassification of accounts when required.  Even in a rapidly changing regulatory environment, banks should not lose focus of controls designed to ensure compliance with well-established rules.

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