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Welcome to the fall 2012 edition of S&R Perspectives. The theme in Supervision, Regulation and Credit at the Richmond Fed these days is “change.” After nearly 40 years at the Fed, Gene Johnson will retire at the end of September. During his time here, Gene has participated in or overseen many significant supervisory events, including the Maryland Savings and Loan crisis, the credit crunch of the 1990s and the recent banking crisis. Gene has been a guiding force within Richmond’s supervision function, and we will miss him. I know most of you know Gene and will miss working with him as well. We’ve selected Gene’s successor, Richard Gilbert, and we’re developing plans to introduce him to you.

On the national front, there’s a new notice of proposed rule-making to revise the general risk-based capital rules to incorporate certain revisions to the Basel Capital framework (Basel III). The proposed rule-making would revise the capital rules to improve the resiliency of the U.S. banking system, increase the quantity and quality of regulatory capital, enhance risk sensitivity, and address weaknesses that have been identified over the past several years. The Federal Reserve System (System) recently hosted several informational sessions, highlighting the proposed changes that are most relevant for community banking organizations. To access these and other sessions, visit

Earlier this year, I wrote to our member banks about the results of post-examination surveys conducted by banking trade associations and to seek feedback on what we can do better.  Many thanks to those of you who reached out to me to share your experiences. Thus far, much of the feedback has been positive, which is terrific. We strive to improve our processes and relationships with you and your staff. Constructive feedback would be very welcome.

The System has a new publication, Community Banking Connections, so this will be the last edition of S&R Perspectives to be published. In 2013, we’ll expand our use of online tools to communicate district news and information with you on a more frequent basis. Please complete our brief, online survey to ensure that we are covering topics and issues that are important to you. 


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