CEO Community Banker Forums Hosted in Charlotte and Richmond

By Steve Malerba

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond hosted two CEO Community Banker Forums last November. The first was held  November 14 at our Charlotte, N.C., office. The second was held November 29-30 at our Richmond, Va., location. Attendees included leaders of Fifth District state member banks, bank holding companies, and savings and loan holding companies.

Community banker forums allow us to disseminate relevant and timely information regarding regulatory and emerging issues. Forums also help us to learn from — and deepen our relationships with — our Fifth District bankers, partner regulators and other industry organizations outside of the examination process. Senior Vice President of Supervision, Regulation and Credit (SRC) Jennifer Burns recognizes the value of these forums: "While the conversation at times is heated, it's important for us to hear what is on the minds of bankers and to allow them an outlet for their frustrations. We can't respond to concerns unless we are aware of them."

Both forums featured a reception and dinner, with President Jeffrey Lacker delivering remarks on the economic outlook, First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Sally Green discussing payments and Burns discussing banking issues. Guests had the opportunity to ask questions and provide comments. "The questions posed during the presentations are enlightening," noted Green, "but these forums also provide an opportunity to have informal one-on-one conversations about broader issues that are important to the bankers."

Each forum included a program hosted by SRC. In Charlotte, the SRC agenda featured a national and regional economic update, presentations on Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL) and Troubled Debt Restructurings (TDRs), and a panel discussion moderated by Burns. Joining her on the panel was North Carolina State Banking Commissioner Joseph A. Smith Jr., Senior Vice President and Counsel for the North Carolina Bankers Association Nathan Batts, and Senior Vice President and Counsel for the South Carolina Bankers Association Neil Rashley Jr.

The SRC program in Richmond followed a similar agenda, with a Virginia economic overview, presentations on ALLL, stress testing and TDRs, and a panel discussion moderated by Burns. The panel in Richmond included Virginia Commissioner of Financial Institutions Joe Face, President and CEO of the Virginia Association of Community Banks Pat Satterfield, and President and CEO of the Virginia Bankers Association Bruce Whitehurst.

Complete agendas and presentations for the Charlotte and Richmond forums are available on our public website.

Steve Malerba is the outreach program consultant for the Supervision, Regulation and Credit department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. He can be reached at

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