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Cars and Working Families: Expanding Opportunities in a Changing Economic Environment


Thu., September 3, 2009
8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Baltimore Office, Baltimore, Md.



This meeting will focus on exploring the economic issues that are changing the world around us and impacting the work we do to help working families acquire and keep a car.  Meeting topics will address a broad range of issues relating to car ownership, car finance, consumer protection, and policy, as well as efforts underway to further collaboration and deepen our reach.  Participants will have an opportunity to learn about successful strategies being implemented to address these issues and work together to create opportunities for furthering shared goals.

Car ownership is a key to accessing jobs that pay livable wages. Many of these higher paying jobs are located on the outer fringes of metropolitan areas, making reliable auto transportation necessary for employment. Often these jobs have varying shifts which often makes public transportation difficult. The conference will also highlight some of the barriers to auto ownership including auto insurance, mandatory driving classes and license fees.



Nonprofits, government and private lenders

Media is invited to this event




Cars and Working Families Web Site

Pursuit of the Dream: Cars & Jobs in America (Video, 7:50)

Meeting Notes and Other Materials

Cars and Working Families: A Changing (and Challenging) Economic Landscape



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