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The Widespread Impacts of Mortgage Foreclosures: From Credit Markets to Local Communities, Foreclosure Conference Series

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Tue., March 31, 2009
5 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Loyola College, Baltimore, Md.



The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and Loyola College will co-sponsor a forum on "The Widespread Impacts of Mortgage Foreclosures: From Credit Markets to Local Communities." The forum is one in a series of university partnerships designed to provide information on the mortgage foreclosure situation nationally and in Maryland.

Presenters will also discuss the impacts to our economy and local markets as well as the Federal Reserve's response to current market conditions. In addition, Federal Reserve economists and analysts will present insight into market drivers which contributed to the problem and subsequent disruption of the mortgage market, and the effects the markets have on communities. Karyl B. Leggio, Dean of the Sellinter School of Business & Management will moderate the program.



The forum is open to all types of community leaders, including local and state government leaders, business leaders, economic and community development professionals and non-profit groups that are interested in learning about foreclosure trends in Maryland.

Media is invited to this event



A Survey of Real Estate Conditions (Mike Riddle)

Financial Turmoil: The Grand Tour (Robert E. Carpenter)

Mortgage Market Conditions in Maryland (R. Andrew Bauer, Ph.D.)



Deadline: March 16, 2009

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