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NC Assets Alliance Conference Call


Wed., June 10, 2009
9:30 a.m.

Conference call, Richmond, Va.




Chris Estes, NC Housing Coalition
Alexandra Sirota, Action for Children
Lucy Gorham, MDC, Inc.
Bill Rowe and Al Ripley, NC Justice Center
Jill Cox, United Way of North Carolina (Call Moderator)

A new report being released on June 10 outlines opportunities for policy makers to stimulate economic recovery and protect the assets of people impacted by the current economic crisis.

Looking ahead for North Carolina means building on the framework already in place to help individuals and families accumulate assets while also encouraging legislators to make smart choices that position North Carolina to come out of the current economic slump with an improved and much fairer revenue system. A new report developed by the NC Asset Alliance entitled ---- “The Prosperity Grid for North Carolina—Connecting Households and Communities to Prosperity” outlines a number of steps we can take today. North Carolina must invest in programs that can stimulate the economy in the short-term and stabilize it for tomorrow. The call will address the following:

The NC Housing Trust Fund (HTF) so that affordable rental housing will be available for those in need. HTF investments also create jobs and build the local tax base.

  • Child care subsidies that allow parents to work and families to remain stable and self-sufficient during times of unemployment and retraining.
  • Unemployment compensation with fewer disqualifying conditions
  • Home foreclosure protections and programs to limit the loss of the home as an asset.


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