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Regional Asset-Building and Family Economic Security Forum


Fri., March 19, 2010
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Charlotte Office, Charlotte, N.C.



In partnership with the North Carolina Housing Coalition and the North Carolina Assets Alliance, the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is hosting a regional asset-building and family economic security forum. This forum aims to bring together local service providers, members of the business community, and civic leaders for a facilitated conversation about current and future asset development policies and initiatives.

At this forum, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear from experts on the work that is underway to improve the financial well-being of North Carolinians through asset-based strategies including entrepreneurship, housing, and financial education;
  • Participate in a facilitated discussion about family and economic security, as well as the challenges and opportunities that exist for asset-building in your community; and
  • Learn about current asset-building and affordable housing policy on the state and federal level and offer suggestions on what should be included in the 2010 legislative priorities of the NC Assets Alliance and NC Housing Coalition. 

The forum will include a presentation of newly released research and data by the North Carolina Assets Alliance, Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED), and Action for Children North Carolina.




Local service providers, members of the business community, and civic leaders.

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Carl Neely



North Carolina Assets Alliance June 2009 Report: North Carolina Prosperity Grid Report: Connecting Households and Communities to Economic Opportunity

CFED: 2008-2009 Assets and Opportunities Scorecard

Action for Children North Carolina: 2009 North Carolina Local Asset Poverty Index

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