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Redefining RustBelt: The Role of Anchor Institutions and the Arts


Tue., December 10, 2013
2 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.



This session will highlight the work that four Federal Reserve Banks have done to create a dialogue for older industrial cities who are working to attract new residents and investments. The Banks have organized a series of four video conference and in-person meetings involving community leaders in Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit and Philadelphia. This audioconference will focus on what was learned in the second session of the series, the roles of anchor institutions and cultural and art organizations have played and can play in cities.

Speakers will include representatives from the four participating Federal Reserve Banks and others who have participated in this dialogue.

Ted Howard, The Democracy Collaborative
Ellen Janes, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Mary Helen Petrus, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Amy Lempert, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Robin Newberger, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago



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Redefining RustBelt: The Role of Anchor Institutions and the Arts



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