Greater Baltimore Committee Leadership Program Breakfast


Wed., March 3, 2010
8 a.m.

Baltimore Office, Baltimore, Md.



Members of leadership groups from around Maryland met March 3 for an informative breakfast discussion at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s branch office in Baltimore. Topics ranged from job growth to commercial real estate to a discussion on why the Federal Reserve needs to remain independent.  Dr. Andrew Bauer, the office’s regional economist led the audience through a discussion on the history of recessions and how the most downturn compared to prior economic troubles. Dr. Robert Carpenter, lead financial economist, talked about the current commercial real estate market and its influence on the overall economy. Following his review, Carpenter also clarified for the audience why the Fed should remain independent to properly conduct monetary policy. By comparing various central banks on the basis of political independence and their inflation rates, Carpenter used central bank history and theory to support his perspective.

A similar event was held last year at the Baltimore office in partnership with the Greater Baltimore Committee leadership program. The success of that event led to an expansion of this year's program to include participants from leadership groups throughout the state.

The Greater Baltimore Committee is a regional membership organization of more than 500 businesses, nonprofit organizations, and educational and civic institutions. Members are located in the city of Baltimore and Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford and Howard counties. The group, founded in 1955, has as its mission working to improve the business climate of the Baltimore region by organizing corporate and civic leaders to develop solutions to the problems that affect the region’s competitiveness and viability.



Members of the Greater Baltimore Committee leadership program



"Current Economic Outlook" A presentation by Dr. Andrew Bauer

"Commercial Real Estate and Central Bank Independence: Are You a Breakfast Champion?" A presentation by Bob Carptenter

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