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College Fed Challenge

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These samples include questions based on the presentation and hypothetical situations.

  • What are the goals of U.S. Monetary Policy?
    Follow-up: Why don't the goals include helping a region of the country that is in a recession?
  • What has been the most significant growth component of GDP over the past few years and why?
  • How do foreign exchange rates impact U.S. inflation rates?
  • What are the problems of using the money supply as an indicator of future economic performance?
  • Why is it difficult to pinpoint the natural rate of unemployment?
  • Explain how manufacturing capacity utilization impacts U.S. inflation rates?
  • What impact does the FOMC announcement of a bias have on the financial markets?
    Follow-up: How is this different from an actual increase in the target Fed Funds rate?
  • How much attention does and should the Fed pay to the equity markets?
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