November 12, 2008

Workshops Ready Teachers to Talk Real Life Economics


The Powell Center for Economic Literacy, the Maryland Council for Economic Education and the Baltimore Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond will co-sponsor Midsize Economics and Kidsize Economics workshops. The purpose of the day-long programs is to provide elementary and middle school teachers in Maryland with economics lessons that enhance classroom curriculum and emphasize state content standards.

“The Fed has a steadfast commitment to educate the public so that they can make informed financial decisions and contribute to a healthy economy,” says Kylie-Ann Allen, manager of the Baltimore Fed’s Public Affairs Department. “This is a great opportunity for our organizations to work together to promote economic literacy.”

More than 70 teachers from Maryland’s various public, private and charters schools will be on hand for the Baltimore Branch workshops on November 13 and 14. The curriculum for middle school teachers includes a discussion of economic systems, the economy and industry of Ancient Egypt, the Silk Route, bartering and money. For elementary school teachers, the focus will be on economics and children’s literature, domestic and international trade, money and banking, factors of production, and exploring Maryland’s roots through economics.

Executive Director of the Powell Center, Jennifer Cornell, says the workshop curriculum incorporates contemporary economic issues and recent news headlines. “The workshops will provide teachers with examples and tools to introduce basic economics concepts that can be effectively reinforced in the classroom across a broad array of subject areas. Not only will the economics be added at a time when it is critical for students to understand what is happening in their world, but the subject matter will become more relevant to the students.”

For a complete list of the workshop topics and presenters, see the Powell Center’s Web site at:

For more information on available resources and economic information, see the Maryland Council on Economic Education’s website at

For more information on the Fed’s economic education and financial literacy programs see the following:

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