College Fed Challenge

November 16, 2011

University of North Carolina Wins College Fed Challenge

Richmond, Va.

The University of North Carolina won the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's annual College Fed Challenge. The UNC team won the Fifth District title in competition with finalists Old Dominion University of Norfolk, Va., and Loyola University of Baltimore

UNC advances to the national Fed Challenge competition to be held Nov. 29 at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C. The winning team included Sam Grote, Russell Martin, Sean Myers, Nick Nohling, Andrew Owens and alternate Ryan Delgado. The team was coached by Gabriel Tan and Professor Mike Aguilar.

The Richmond Fed sponsors College Fed Challenge, a regional academic competition, to encourage a better understanding of the nation's central bank, the forces influencing economic conditions in the United States and abroad, and the ways the economy affects everyone's lives. In Fed Challenge, teams give 15-minute presentations on monetary policy and are judged on content, teamwork, responses to questions, presentation and style.

Competition judges included Richmond Fed economists John Walter and Roy Webb, and Anne Hallerman of the Research Library. Walter and Webb scored the teams on their knowledge of the Federal Reserve, the current state of the economy and monetary policy, as well as research, analysis and responses during the 15-minute Q&A session. Hallerman scored the teams on the quality of their presentation and teamwork.

View photo of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(Left to right): Russell Martin, Gabriel Tan, Sean Myers, Andrew Owens, Nick Nohling, Sam Grote, Ryan Delgado

View photo of Old Dominion University
(Left to right): Krzysztof Muzalewski, Ayush Toolsidass, Kevin Squires, Patrick Murdock, Christopher Luke Watson, Jacob Richardson

View photo of Loyola University
(Left to right): Prof. Jeremy Schwartz, Dana Cullen, Matthew Marzicola, Jack Barrow, John Lucas

The Richmond Fed serves the Fifth Federal Reserve District, which includes the District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and most of West Virginia. As part of the nation's central bank, we're one of 12 regional Reserve Banks that work together with the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors to strengthen the economy and our communities. We manage the nation's money supply to keep inflation low and help the economy grow. We also supervise and regulate financial institutions to help safeguard our nation's financial system and protect the integrity and efficiency of our payments system.


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