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The mission of MARKETWISE is to provide both progressive and practical information about community economic development that supports economic growth in the Fifth District.



Fall/Winter 2009 

Community Perspective: Implementing the Neighborhood Stabilization Program

The following pages compare the strategies and challenges of two community organizations—one in Virginia and the other in South Carolina—that are trying to tackle the negative impacts of foreclosure through the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP).

Spring/Summer 2009 

Green Finance: Cultivating New Investment Opportunities

Although many credit markets have tightened in recent months, new types of green lending products are beginning to emerge in the financial industry. The presence of these new lending options still remain relatively narrow in reach, but many Fifth District regions are experiencing momentum in green building and development.We will discuss new green financing options and how theymay be able to provide new opportunities for expanding green building and developing sustainable communities.

Fall/Winter 2008

Community Development Finance: Innovative Paths to Capital During the Credit Squeeze

In light of the recent credit market crunch, community development groups are finding it increasingly challenging to raise capital for development projects.We will discuss how the current downturn in the markets have affected credit and capital flows for community development finance. We will also explore and share some innovative funding strategies used by some Fifth District organizations at this time.

Spring/Summer 2008

Riding the Foreclosure Wave: Resources & Analysis to Help Anchor Communities

Data and analysis of mortgage delinquency and foreclosure rates of subprime loans can help local communities identify the needs of homeowners that face foreclosure. This series of articles analyzes the national real estate market and Fifth District best practices and regional factors contributing to the current housing downturn.

Fall 2007

The Strategy Game: Connecting Communities and the Military through BRAC

The Department of Defense's recommendations for Base Realignments and Closures (BRAC) often have a lasting impact on communities. This issue examines community development issues such as affordable housing, infrastructure and education, which arise from military base expansions and closures.

Spring 2007

From Refund to Reward: Has the EITC Achieved its Intent?

This series of articles examines the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the many challenges the program faces. The articles also serve to highlight several innovative Fifth District and national programs that have been able to successfully address these challenges.

2005 Issue Three Cover

Issue Three 2005

Eminent Domain

This series of articles examines the implications of a recent Supreme Court decision that extends the use of eminent domain for economic development purposes.

2005 Issue Two Cover

Issue Two 2005

Reaching the Vietnamese

Boat People SOS introduces immigrants to American life.

2005 Issue One Cover

Issue One 2005

Strengthening Communities and Creating Opportunities

Headquartered in Virginia with properties as far away as Florida, Community Housing Partners knows no boundaries in developing affordable housing.

2004 Issue 3 Cover

2004 Issue Three

Petersburg Rediscovered

This issue showcases several small business and community venture success stories that contribute to the economic vitality of cities throughout the Fifth District.

2004 Issue 2 Cover

Issue Two 2004

Neighborhood Landscapes

Transforming neighborhoods into thriving communities often requires significant determination. This issues looks at several extraordinary people and organizations that have brought positive change to neighborhoods throughout the Fifth District.

2004 Issue 1 Cover

Issue One 2004

Entrance to Opportunity

This series of articles looks at several community development funding vehicles that help fulfill community needs.

Issue Three 2003

Igniting Community Economic Development Engines

This issue highlights sustainable community and economic development activities that have emerged after the closure of a South Carolina Naval base.

Issue Two 2003

Eliminating Barriers: Developing Potential

Equipping people with basic financial principles and knowledge provides greater opportunities for building wealth in the future. In this issue, non-profits share strategies for helping low- to -moderate income people build assets and enhance their quality of living.

Issue One 2003

Progressive Passages

From non-profit law clinics to utility bill subsidies for low-income customers, there are a variety of programs aimed at improving community development in low-income neighborhoods. This issue looks at what some local organizations are doing to revitalize their communities.

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