Research Spotlight

Does Unemployment Insurance Discourage Work?
By Khalid Abdall

Article Summary

This article discusses a research paper on the incentives involved in the time unemployed workers take to find a new job. Moral hazard effect vs. liquidity effect - is it one or the other or both? If both, what is the magnitude of the liquidity effect?

Lesson Plan

A Case Study: Employment and the Unemployment Rate, May 2, 2008
Summary: The case study summarizes the content of the May 2, 2008, U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, announcement of the unemployment rate and employment data for the month of April, 2008. The meaning and importance of the data are discussed. Students consider the implications of the data for the economy and themselves. Exercises are included for reinforcing knowledge of the concepts.
Grade Level: 9-12th

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