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Yash Mehra was a senior economist and policy advisor in the Research Department from 1983 to 2010.

Issue Title Author(s)
Second Quarter 2010 Inflation Measure, Taylor Rules, and the Greenspan-Bernanke Years Yash P. Mehra
Bansi Sawhney
Summer 2009 Short-Term Headline-Core Inflation Dynamics Yash P. Mehra
Devin Reilly
Spring 2008 On the Sources of Movements in Inflation Expectations: A Few Insights from a VAR Model Yash P. Mehra
Christopher Herrington
Summer 2007 A Taylor Rule and the Greenspan Era Yash P. Mehra
Brian D. Minton
Summer 2006 Inflation Uncertainty and the Recent Low Level of the Long Bond Rate Yash P. Mehra
Summer 2005 Oil Prices and Consumer Spending Yash P. Mehra
Jon D. Petersen
Summer 2004 Predicting the Recent Behavior of Inflation Using Output Gap-Based Phillips Curves Yash P. Mehra
Fall 2003 Why Does Consumer Sentiment Predict Household Spending? Yash P. Mehra
Elliot W. Martin
Summer 2002 Survey Measures of Expected Inflation: Revisiting the Issues of Predictive Content and Rationality Yash P. Mehra
Spring 2001 The Wealth Effect in Empirical Life-Cycle Aggregate Consumption Equations Yash P. Mehra
Summer 2000 Wage-Price Dynamics: Are They Consistent with Cost Push? Yash P. Mehra
Spring 1999 A Forward-Looking Monetary Policy Reaction Function Yash P. Mehra
Spring 1998 The Bond Rate and Actual Future Inflation Yash P. Mehra
Summer 1997 A Review of the Recent Behavior of M2 Demand Yash P. Mehra
Summer 1996 Monetary Policy and Long-Term Interest Rates Yash P. Mehra
Summer 1995 Some Key Empirical Determinants of Short-Term Nominal Interest Rates Yash P. Mehra
Fall 1994 An Error-Correction Model of the Long-Term Bond Rate Yash P. Mehra
Fall 1993 Unit Labor Costs and the Price Level Yash P. Mehra
Essay Title Author(s)
October 2008
Inflation Expectations: Their Sources and Effects Yash P. Mehra
Devin Reilly