Meet an Economist


John Weinberg

In this series of videos and articles, learn more about our staff economists who help inform the Fed's policymaking, and explore various facets of macroeconomics and microeconomics.

John A. Weinberg

Weinberg, the Richmond Fed's director of research, explains the practical relevance of economics and the work of our economists.

Kartik Athreya

Athreya talks about how he became interested in economics, and how well-functioning credit and asset markets can improve the lives of the poor and the young.

Thomas A. Lubik

Lubik describes how economic research helps solve puzzles, such as differences in economic growth among countries.

Pierre-Daniel G. Sarte

Sarte discusses how economics provides a way of organizing one's thinking about what we observe in our everyday lives.

John Walter

Walter offers insight into his job of tracking banking regulation and legislation.

Alexander L. Wolman

Wolman outlines his career path from undergraduate student to senior economist at the Richmond Fed.