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Thomas Lubik

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Thomas Lubik's recent research has focused on labor markets and how they interact with monetary policy, and what lessons monetary policy can learn from how the labor market works.

In his "Meet an Economist" video, Thomas Lubik describes his first exposure to economics. It came "almost by accident" when he was a student at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen in his native Germany. That interest developed after Lubik changed his course of study from classical archaeology to economics and political science.


"What I always knew was I wanted to pursue an academic career," Lubik says. "I was fascinated by economics — the rigor of thinking about problems, reducing complexities to a few assumptions and running with it."

Lubik came to the Richmond Fed by way of the classroom. After finishing his own studies, he spent seven years on the faculty of Johns Hopkins University, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in macroeconomics, mathematical methods and international monetary economics. He joined the Richmond Fed's Research Department in 2006 and the focus of his work has remained in those areas. Previously a senior economist, Lubik is group vice president for macroeconomics and financial economics.

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