Meet an Economist


Pierre-Daniel G. Sarte

headshot of Pierre-Daniel Sarte

Pierre-Daniel Sarte talks about his diverse background and how it developed into a broad interest in economics.

Pierre Sarte was born in Hong Kong and grew up in the South Pacific on the French territorial island of New Caledonia. His heritage is Indonesian and Italian and he attended boarding school and college in Canada before coming to the United States for his graduate studies. Previously a senior economist, Sarte is a senior advisor in the Richmond Fed's Research Department.


"The world is a complicated place, and I try to look at it from a variety of perspectives," Sarte says in his "Meet an Economist" video. He was drawn to economics as way to understand the significant differences in the standards of living between countries and the drastic changes in economic conditions that can occur within a country. "I wanted to find a way to quantify the things I was struggling to understand."

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