Our Research Focus

Payments & Policy

We have added to the body of work in the field of payment economics, drawing upon the techniques and insights of both monetary and banking theory. Various payments systems have been examined, including cash, checks, credit and debit cards, and electronic funds transfers. In addition, we have examined the involvement of central banks in the operation and regulation of payments clearing and settlement.

Issue Title Author(s)
Second Quarter 2013 Federal Reserve Interdistrict Settlement Alexander L. Wolman
Essay Title Author(s)
October 2013
Welfare Analysis of Debit Card Interchange Fee Regulation Tim Sablik
Zhu Wang
February 2013
Why Do Debit Card Networks Charge Percentage Fees? David A. Price
Zhu Wang
June 2009
The Growth of Paperless Money: Retail Payments in the United States Continue to Evolve T. Stuart Desch
Kiran Krishnamurthy