Maryland Survey of Business Activity


Date Topic
December 28, 2009 Business Activity Edges Higher in December Although Underlying Conditions Remain Weak; Expectations for Activity in the Near-Term Strengthens Considerably
November 27, 2009 Business Activity Edges Lower in November; Businesses Report a Decline in Sales, Customer Inquiries, and Labor Conditions
October 29, 2009 Firms Reported Higher Sales and Customer Inquiries in October
September 24, 2009 Business Activity Declines in September But Firms Remain Optimistic; Businesses Continue to Adjust Inventories and Cut Investment Spending
August 27, 2009 Business Activity Flat in August; Near-Term Expectations Jump; Businesses Anticipate Improvement in Labor Market and Pricing Conditions
July 30, 2009 Business Activity Deteriorates in July; Expectations Weaken But Remain Positive
June 25, 2009 Overall Business Activity Stabilizes in June as Current Conditions Improve; Expectations for Near-term Activity Rebound
May 28, 2009 Activity Declines at a Faster Pace in May: Current Conditions Slip From Last Month; Expectations for Near-Term Activity Remain Positive
April 30, 2009 Decline in Business Activity Slows Markedly: Current Conditions Less Negative in April; Expectations for Near-Term Activity Improve Sharply
March 26, 2009 Decline in Business Activity Moderates: Conditions Remain Negative; Near-Term Outlook Improves
February 26, 2009 Decline in Business Activity Continues: Conditions Remain Negative; Outlook For Six Months Ahead Deteriorates
January 29, 2009 Pace of Decline in Business Activity Moderates: Conditions Still Negative But Improve Slightly; Labor Picture Remains Weak
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