34106 Albina Community Bank Portland OR FDIC NMB 12/20/10 Small Bank Satisfactory
34334 American Metro Bank Chicago IL FDIC NMB 06/29/09 Small Bank Satisfactory
11694 Austin Bank of Chicago Chicago IL FDIC NMB 01/03/11 Intermediate Small Bank Outstanding
57866 AztecAmerica Bank Berwyn IL FDIC NMB 05/31/11 Small Bank Satisfactory
815754 Bank of Cherokee County Hulbert OK FRB SMB 03/21/11 Small Bank Satisfactory
9775 Bank of Kilmichael Kilmichael MS FDIC NMB 01/26/09 Small Bank Satisfactory
5902 Bank of Okolona Okolona MS FDIC NMB 11/13/12 Small Bank Satisfactory
51 Bank of Vernon, The  Vernon AL FDIC NMB 06/10/13 Small Bank Satisfactory
64552 Bank2 Oklahoma City OK FRB SMB 08/13/12 Small Bank Satisfactory
8870 BankFirst Financial Services Macon MS FDIC SMB 08/03/09 Intermediate Small Bank Satisfactory
5903 BankPlus Belzoni MS FDIC NMB 07/05/11 Large Bank Outstanding
705141 Broadway Federal Bank, F. S. B. Los Angeles CA OCC1 FSB 07/15/13 Intermediate Small Bank Outstanding
33938 Capitol City Bank & Trust Company Atlanta GA FDIC NMB 11/15/10 Small Bank Satisfactory
5273 Carver Federal Savings Bank New York NY OCC1 FSB 02/02/09 Intermediate Small Bank Outstanding
16584 Carver State Bank Savannah GA FDIC NMB 07/12/10 Small Bank Outstanding
13959 Citizens Bank of Weir Weir KS FDIC NMB 07/13/09 Small Bank Satisfactory
17009 Central Bank of Kansas City Kansas City MO FDIC NMB 10/18/10 Small Bank Outstanding
10319 Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company Nashville TN FDIC NMB 04/30/09 Small Bank Satisfactory
680130 Citizens Trust Bank Atlanta GA FRB SMB 01/14/13 Intermediate Small Bank Outstanding
22968 City First Bank of D.C., National Association Washington DC OCC NAT 11/13/07 Small Bank Outstanding
16142 City National Bank of New Jersey Newark NJ OCC NAT 02/01/10 Intermediate Small Bank Satisfactory
9356 Commercial Bank, The Dekalb MS FDIC NMB 05/21/12 Small Bank Satisfactory
34784 Commercial Capital Bank Delhi LA FDIC NMB 08/10/10 Small Bank Satisfactory
16553 Commonwealth National Bank Mobile AL OCC NAT 01/20/09 Small Bank Satisfactory
34210 Community Bank of the Bay Oakland CA FDIC NMB 08/17/09 Small Bank Satisfactory
3626858 Community Capital Bank of Virginia Christiansburg VA FRB SMB 09/27/10 Wholesale/ Limited Purpose Satisfactory
26363 Community Commerce Bank Claremont CA FDIC NMB 06/22/09 Intermediate Small Bank Satisfactory
57772 Edgebrook Bank Chicago IL FDIC NMB 05/14/12 Small Bank Satisfactory
22949 First, A National Banking Association, The Hattiesburg MS OCC1 NAT 10/05/10 Intermediate Small Bank Satisfactory
35186 First American International Bank Brooklyn NY FDIC NMB 08/13/12 Intermediate Small Bank Satisfactory
57966 First Choice Bank Cerritos CA FDIC NMB 07/26/10 Small Bank Satisfactory
759045 First Eagle Bank Chicago IL FRB  SMB 09/16/13 Intermediate Small Bank Outstanding
20179 First Independence Bank  Detroit MI FDIC NMB 12/16/08 Small Bank Satisfactory
24458 First National Bank of Decatur County Bainbridge GA OCC NAT 03/14/11 Small Bank Satisfactory
17120 First Security Bank Batesville MS FDIC NMB 08/06/12 Intermediate Small Bank Satisfactory
33519 First Tuskegee Bank Tuskegee AL FDIC NMB 08/24/09 Small Bank Satisfactory
21090 Fort Gibson State Bank Fort Gibson OK FDIC NMB 11/12/13 Small Bank Satisfactory
33103 Gateway Bank Federal Savings Bank Oakland CA OCC1 FSB 09/09/09 Intermediate Small Bank Needs to Improve
15953 Guaranty Bank and Trust Company Belzoni MS FDIC NMB 06/05/13 Intermediate Small Bank Satisfactory
24015 Harbor Bank of Maryland, The Baltimore MD FDIC NMB 11/22/10 Intermediate Small Bank Satisfactory
3395 Illinois-Service Federal Savings and Loan Association Chicago IL OCC1 SAL 06/18/07 Small Bank Satisfactory
14679 Industrial Bank Washington DC FDIC NMB 02/04/13 Large Bank Outstanding
33708 International Bank of Chicago Chicago IL FDIC NMB 07/16/13 Small Bank Satisfactory
20856 Liberty Bank and Trust Company New Orleans LA FDIC NMB 09/13/10 Intermediate Small Bank Outstanding
22081 Magnolia State Bank Bay Springs MS FDIC NMB 12/03/12 Small Bank Satisfactory
12266 Mechanics & Farmers Bank Durham NC FDIC NMB 04/04/13 Small Bank Outstanding
327 Merchants and Planters Bank Raymond MS FDIC NMB 10/17/11 Small Bank Satisfactory
34308 Metro Bank2 Louisville KY FDIC NMB 04/16/09 Small Bank Satisfactory
57101 Mission Valley Bank Sun Valley CA FDIC NMB 03/04/13 Small Bank Satisfactory
13029 Mitchell Bank Milwaukee WI FDIC NMB 08/24/09 Small Bank Outstanding
21158 Native American Bank, National Association Denver CO OCC1 NAT 02/27/12 Small Bank Outstanding
22770 Neighborhood National Bank San Diego CA OCC NAT 01/28/13 Small Bank Outstanding
58196 Noah Bank Elkins Park PA FDIC NMB 09/06/11 Small Bank Satisfactory
20364 North Milwaukee State Bank Milwaukee WI FDIC NMB 01/30/12 Small Bank Outstanding
18032 One PacificCoast Bank, FSB3 Oakland CA OCC1 FSB 12/31/09 Small Bank Satisfactory
23966 OneUnited Bank Boston MA FDIC NMB 10/04/10 Intermediate Small Bank Needs to Improve
57034 Oxford University Bank Oxford MS FDIC NMB 10/17/11 Small Bank Satisfactory
2360904 Pacific Global Bank Chicago IL FRB SMB 02/06/12 Small Bank Satisfactory
20448 Pan American Bank Los Angeles CA FDIC NMB 10/01/12 Small Bank Satisfactory
34108 Pan American Bank Melrose Park IL FDIC NMB 07/02/12 Small Bank Outstanding
34763 Peoples Bank of the South Bude MS FDIC NMB 08/18/10 Small Bank Satisfactory
9064 PlantersFIRST Cordele GA FDIC NMB 12/28/10 Intermediate Small Bank Satisfactory
58349 ProAmerica Bank4 Los Angeles CA FDIC NMB 07/11/11 Small Bank Satisfactory
19328 Seaway Bank and Trust Company Chicago IL FDIC NMB 07/08/13 Intermediate Small Bank Satisfactory
6380 Security Federal Bank5 Aiken SC OCC1 FSB 07/13/09 Intermediate Small Bank Satisfactory
8980 Security State Bank of Wewoka, Oklahoma Wewoka OK FDIC NMB 09/17/12 Small Bank Satisfactory
35241 South Carolina Community Bank Columbia SC FDIC NMB 07/27/12 Small Bank Satisfactory
852544 Southern Bancorp Bank6 Arkadelphia AR FRB SMB 11/26/12 Intermediate Small Bank Satisfactory
58668 Spring Bank Bronx NY FDIC NMB 10/09/12 Small Bank Outstanding
58952 Start Community Bank New Haven CT FRB SMB 07/23/12 Small Bank Satisfactory
8878 State Bank and Trust Company Greenwood MS FDIC NMB 04/09/12 Intermediate Small Bank Outstanding
14991 Sunrise Banks, N.A.7 St Paul MN OCC NAT 11/17/08 Small Bank Outstanding
16511 Tri-State Bank of Memphis Memphis TN FDIC NMB 02/13/12 Small Bank Satisfactory
58 United Bank  Atmore AL FDIC NMB 08/25/09 Intermediate Small Bank Satisfactory
33568 United Bank of Philadelphia Philadelphia PA FDIC NMB 08/31/10 Small Bank Outstanding
59051 Urban Partnership Bank Chicago IL FDIC NMB 10/31/11 Small Bank Satisfactory

1 formerly regulated by the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS)
2 previous name Louisville Community Development Bank for rating
3 previous name OneCalifornia Bank, FSB for rating
4 previous name Promerica Bank for rating
5 In Dec 2011 the bank changed from a FSB to NMB
6 previous name Southern Bancorp Bank of Arkansas for rating
7 previous name University National Bank for rating

ID Number: Number assigned by bank's primary regulator which is used to retrieved data. For FRB, its "NIC/RSSD ID". For FDIC, its "Certificate Number". For OCC, its "Charter Number".
Primary Federal Regulator: Three federal bank supervisory agencies: Federal Reserve System (FRB), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).
Bank Type: Charter type of the bank: "SMB" is state member bank, "NAT" is national bank,"NMB" is non-member bank, "SAL" is savings and loan association, and "FSB" is federal savings bank.
Exam Date: The date the CRA exam was conducted. Exam Method refers to the procedures used to evaluate a bank's CRA performance. There are different evalaution tests for different kinds of institutions: Large Bank, Small Bank, Strategic Plan, Wholesale/Limited Purpose, Intermediate Small Bank, Assessment Factor, Not Reported, Hybrid.
CRA Rating: At completion of a CRA examination, an overall CRA rating is assigned using a four-tiered rating system. The ratings are: Outstanding, Satisfactory, Needs to Improve, and Substantial Noncompliance.


Data Sources: Ratings retrieved from FFIEC Interagency CRA Rating Search Tool and exams from the website of the respective institution's regulator.
Last Updated: July 22, 2014