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We recognize and reward the value that diversity brings – serving customers more effectively, finding more innovative solutions, and creating dynamic opportunities for career success. We promote a diverse and inclusive work environment through education, employee resource networks, mentoring, diversity recruiting and supplier diversity. In a diverse and inclusive work environment, it is our shared values of integrity, passion to excel, unity of purpose, collaborative learning and respect that connect us.

In a diverse and inclusive work environment, our shared values connect us:

  • Integrity - people trust us and count on us every day to do the right thing all the time
  • Passion to Excel - we love what we do and we know how important our work is, so we aim to excel in all we do
  • Unity of Purpose - being part of a team means we're all working on the same goals, pooling our talents for a common cause
  • Collaborative Learning - learning from each other enables us to push ourselves even further and to achieve new heights
  • Respect - our diversity makes us stronger and enriches our ideas, philosophies and work

At the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, we’re at work for America’s economy. To meet the challenges of this important job requires a workforce as diverse as those we serve.

We embrace diversity by recognizing, valuing and leveraging of our differences for the good of our employees, customers, stakeholders and constituents. Those differences include, but are not limited to, race, color, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, physical/mental abilities, sexual orientation, marital/parental status, religion, cultural background, education, work experience, geographic locations, ideas and thought processes.

We believe an inclusive environment is one in which all people in the organization feel a sense of belonging, and have an opportunity to be successful. They feel respected, valued, engaged and appreciated for who they are.

Employee Resource Networks  

The Richmond Fed currently has six employee networks, which focus on ethnicity, generational differences, sexual orientation, disability and gender. These groups are:

  • 4-Unite – representing all four generations in today’s work force
  • ABLE – supporting Ability Beyond the Label for employees with disabilities or disabled family members
  • GROW – Generating Recognition of Women
  • PRISM – representing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees and allies
  • STAAART – Supporting the Advancement of Asian American Recognition and Talent
  • VITAL – Valuing the Inclusion of Talented African Americans and Latinos

Employee Resource Networks are voluntary, employee-led groups sponsored by the Bank, chartered by our Diversity and Inclusion Council and formed around shared characteristics or interests for the purpose of supporting diversity and inclusion and other strategic initiatives of the organization. Membership in each network is available to all employees.

Read excerpts from profiles of "Women @ the Fed," which were shared with employees during GROW's celebration of Women's History Month.

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The Richmond Fed is honored to be a winner of the 2013 Sterling Executive Partnership Award, and we're pleased to be a finalist for a Sterling Workplace Award too.