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Job Family: Payment Services and Technology

Our Cash Services department pays and receives cash from banks and is responsible for the Richmond Fed’s high-speed currency processing. This involves shipping, receiving, verifying and storing currency and coin for depository institutions, and removing unfit currency from circulation on behalf of the Department of Treasury. Our Currency Technology Office focuses on the automation of physical currency handling and the Federal Reserve System's high-speed currency processing environment.

Our Careers

“My team’s focus is on innovative solutions related to high speed currency processing equipment, which is designed to ensure the quality and integrity of U.S. currency in circulation. Every project that I have been involved here is challenging and has a complexity to it. I‘m constantly brainstorming, investigating and learning.”

– Alicia, Engineer
   Currency Technology Office

Typical Opportunities:

  • Cash Teller — Help ensure the safe, accurate and timely circulation of currency and coin to meet the needs of depository institutions. Cash tellers process, audit and troubleshoot issues, help answer customers’ questions and report on transactions and discrepancies.
  • Risk and Compliance Analyst — Research and analyze policy, risk and compliance issues and help develop recommendations to solve escalated problems. You’ll consult with clients, colleagues and Richmond Fed leaders on issues, help determine best practices and recommend ways to improve current practices and monitoring.
  • Law Enforcement Officer — Be part of the Federal Reserve System’s law enforcement unit that protects our buildings, employees and assets; provides emergency assistance; and responds to incidents. Law enforcement officers are often the first people to greet our employees in the morning and the last to bid them goodnight.

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