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Job Family: Research


The Research department covers monetary policy, macroeconomics, financial institutions and markets, payments systems, national and regional economic conditions, and supporting functions. Our Research staff provides direct input to policymakers about policy issues for the Richmond Fed’s president and board of directors, as well as others in our Bank and the broader Federal Reserve System.

“Our work environment feels small enough to give everyone a sense of belonging but is large enough to feel that we are contributing to something bigger. I take pride in the work that the Fed does for the nation’s economy. It’s wonderful to help ensure that monetary policymakers have the best information possible when making decisions, and that our District is represented at the national level.”

— Roisin, Associate Regional Economist

Typical Opportunities:

  • Economist — Our team of regional economists conducts research to support the Richmond Fed’s policymaking process and provides economic information and analysis to the public. Financial economists support supervisory projects such as bank examinations and stress testing and act as internal consultants to examiners and Bank leaders.
  • Research Economist — Research economists use their knowledge of economic theory, econometrics, statistics, and modeling to produce innovative and analytically sound research on topics relevant to the Fed and to advise the Richmond Fed’s senior leaders on policy issues.
  • Research Analyst — Work with the team that conducts surveys and research on a range of economic, financial, and consumer issues affecting the Richmond Fed and its stakeholders. Research analysts provide data and forecasts for internal and external use as well as technical support and expertise relevant to research focus areas.
  • Economic Writer — Write analytically challenging articles for our Research department’s publications that promote the public’s understanding of the Richmond Fed and the broader Federal Reserve System, the economy of the Fifth District, and economic policy issues and research.
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