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Bank Supervision

Ensuring that our nation’s financial system is safe and sound is part of our mission and one of the important ways the Federal Reserve supports the American public, consumer confidence and the growth of our economy.

Richmond Fed’s Supervision, Regulation and Credit team works to make sure financial institutions in our District — from small town credit unions to the nation’s largest banks — are in secure financial condition, comply with laws and regulations, are mitigating risks, treat their customers fairly and meet the needs of their communities.

Our Careers

“My job as a bank examiner allows me to travel throughout our District and make sure each member bank is complying with all the applicable regulations. We’re not just called to regulate, but also to educate. Each and every day I know that I am charged with making a difference and I look forward to the opportunity to do so.”

— Dominic, Supervision, Regulation & Credit

Examples of Bank Supervision Jobs at the Richmond Fed:

  • Bank Examiner: Review financial institutions and talk with bank managers about issues and risk topics affecting the financial services industry
  • Financial and Regulatory Reporting Analyst: Analyze data, reports, procedures and regulations, and provide guidance to financial institutions on reporting requirements
  • Quantitative Analyst: Provide analysis and research, advise on policy issues related to the regulation of banks and financial markets, prepare reports on current and emerging supervisory issues, and help train examiners

Other Types of Jobs at the Richmond Fed

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