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Federal Reserve System

Eccles building

Learn more about the Federal Reserve System's origins and history, as well as the Centennial commemoration.

A Look Back at the History of the Federal Reserve. Richmond Fed president Jeff Lacker talked about what present-day policymakers can learn from the founding of the Federal Reserve in a speech at Christopher Newport University on August 29, 2013.

Fed's 100-Year Roots Grew From Virginia Congressman. Bloomberg, May 29, 2013.
Richmond Fed president Jeff Lacker talked with Craig Torres about Virginian Carter Glass' role in the development of the Federal Reserve.

The Changing Face of Monetary Policy: The Evolution of the Federal Open Market Committee. Region Focus, Third Quarter 2010.

A Division of Power: During an Intense Four Months in 1914, America’s Central Bank Took Shape. Region Focus, Winter 2007.

Federal Reserve Centennial

Explore the Federal Reserve's History Web Gateway, a new online resource with biographies, images and essays about key events in the Fed's 100-year history.

The Gateway is a key initiative of the Federal Reserve System's Centennial commemoration, along with other publications and events throughout 2014.

Serving in an honorary advisory role for the Federal Reserve System's centennial programs are former Federal Reserve Chairmen Paul A. Volcker and Alan Greenspan, along with other advisors representing a wide range of private and public sector organizations.

For more information about the centennial commemoration and the inventory of historical collections, refer to the May 30, 2012, press release or these FAQs.

Lloyd Bostian

Oral Histories

Lloyd Bostian describes the changes in bank supervision, regulation, and credit over his 40+ year career with the Fed.