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Oral Histories

Former employees and leaders share their stories about working at the Richmond Fed. Additional interviews will be added throughout the course of the year.

Lloyd Bostian

Lloyd Bostian, Senior Vice President, Supervision, Regulation, and Credit

Bostian describes the changes in bank supervision, regulation, and credit over his 40+ year career with the Fed.
Topics: Fifth District; Bank Supervision and Regulation

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Mac Alfriend

Mac Alfriend, Senior Vice President, Supervision and Regulation

Alfriend talks about bank exams in the days before computers, maintaining liquidity after 9/11, and challenges facing community banks.
Topics: 9/11, Bank Exams, Community Banks, Dodd-Frank Act, Financial Regulation

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J. Alfred Broaddus Jr.

J. Alfred Broaddus Jr., President

Broaddus discusses preparing for FOMC meetings during the 1970s, the Richmond Fed’s reputation for "hawkishness" on inflation, and the issue of "too big to fail."
Topics: 9/11, Byrd St. Headquarters, Inflation, Monetary Policy, Too Big to Fail

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Photo of Robert McTeer

Bob McTeer, Senior Vice President and Baltimore Regional Executive

McTeer describes the camaraderie of the Research Department during the 1970s and how his experience leading the Baltimore Branch prepared him to be president of the Dallas Fed.
Topics: Baltimore Branch, Banking Markets, International Economics, Monetary Policy, Research Department

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photo of Carl Powell

Carl Powell, Director, FRAS

Powell recalls relocating to Richmond and establishing the Federal Reserve Automation Services (FRAS) department.
Topics: Cash Processing, Check Processing, Fifth District, Payments

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Patricia Tunstall

Patricia Tunstall, Assistant Vice President

Tunstall discusses the challenges and rewards of being the Bank's first female African-American officer and the automation of cash processing.
Topics: Cash Processing, Diversity, Outreach, Payments

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Presidents Panel

The Bank's three living presidents—Jeff Lacker, Al Broaddus, and Bob Black—discuss the most challenging and most exciting moments of their careers.