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Read articles and interviews about the Richmond Fed's history and evolution.

A Reserve Bank for Richmond, James Parthemos, Economic Review, January/February 1991.
In early 1914, Richmond’s civic leaders launched a campaign to make their city one of twelve selected as sites for the newly established Federal Reserve Banks.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond: Governor Seay and the Issues of Early Years, James Parthemos, Economic Review, Jan/Feb 1990.
The evolution of the Richmond Bank from its incorporation in 1914 through the stock market crash of 1929.

1954 Memo from the Committee on the History of the Federal Reserve System.
A visitor to the Richmond Fed in 1954 reflects on the trip.

Interview: Al Broaddus and Tom Humphrey, Region Focus, Fall 2004.
Past president Al Broaddus and former senior economist and research advisor Tom Humphrey discuss the evolution of monetary policy and of the Richmond Fed during their careers.


Presidents Panel

The Bank's three living presidents—Jeff Lacker, Al Broaddus, and Bob Black—discuss the most challenging and most exciting moments of their careers.