June 10, 2014

Photo of the 1923 Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Women's Basketball Team

Richmond Fed Women's Basketball Team, 1923

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond women’s basketball team, 1923. Richmond players: Mary Ballou, Anne Colleran, Edith Gibson, Beatrice Feeney, Evelyn Crowder Smith, Louis Perkins Strathy, Grace Lordley Rodrigues, Hattie Jones, Bertrand Abernathy Jones, Urna Branch, Kate Heckler, Carrie Mitchell, Mozelle Sanderson Tyson, Vivian Henshaw, Fannie Perkinson, Mary Doswell Borkey, Margueritte Redden Steiglender, Alise Wakefield, and Mrs. Frank Wood.


Bob McTeer talks about leading the Baltimore Branch and becoming president of the Dallas Fed.