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Community Investment Council

Meet Deborah McKetty: Chair of the Community Investment Council

We have many ways to monitor and engage the needs of the District we serve. One way is through our Community Investment Council, which is an advisory board of community leaders who work together to share unique perspectives on our local economic growth. They understand our communities’ challenges and where our opportunities for growth lie.

Meet Deborah McKetty, the CEO of CommunityWorks Carolina and current chair of the Community Investment Council.

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CommunityWorks is a community development financial institution (CDFI) that serves financial and credit needs in underserved markets. The Richmond Fed provides CommunityWorks with data, research and education that helps to inform their work and strategy. In turn, Deborah and CommunityWorks are vital in providing perspectives and working knowledge to the Richmond Fed that helps inform policy.

The Community Investment Council members also learn from sharing their expertise.

Meet the rest of our Community Investment Council.

Watch more interviews with members of our Community Investment Council to better understand some of our other key partnerships.

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