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Fed Ambassador Program

a Fed Ambassador in a classroom

Learn about the Federal Reserve’s history, structure and functions from a member of our employee Fed Ambassador program. Our Fed Ambassadors help audiences better understand the Fed’s role in the economy. Due to social distancing guidelines, we aren’t offering in-person Fed overview presentations right now, but have developed a virtual presentation for high school students (see below). We also invite you to contact us if you have questions about our program or to schedule a future presentation.

Special offering for high school teachers: During this period of social distancing, we’re offering a new 20-minute video presentation, “Your Connection to the Economy and the Federal Reserve,” that provides an overview of the Federal Reserve’s purpose and functions, as well as a basic introduction to the economy and how it works — targeted to a high school audience. You’re invited to share this virtual presentation with your students to help them gain a greater understanding of how the Fed and the economy affect their everyday lives.

To request a link to our virtual high school presentation, send us an email with your name, email address, school name and zip code, as well as the number of students who will view it. In addition to the video link, you’ll also receive a fillable pdf worksheet for students to complete that reinforces key points during the presentation.

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