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The Richmond Fed - Part of Our Nation's Central Bank

The Federal Reserve’s actions affect your financial decisions, your financial well-being and our economy — from conducting monetary policy and working to ensure a safe and sound financial system, to providing tools and resources to help you make more informed financial decisions. 


The Federal Reserve is a “decentralized” central bank, with a government component — the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C. — and 12 independent regional Reserve Banks spread across the country, including the Richmond Fed. Together, we’re working to support a healthy economy.

Along with the other Reserve Banks, we help carry out the Fed's day-to-day operations and are governed by our own Board of Directors. We are also subject to general supervision by the Board of Governors, which provides additional oversight and accountability through a set of checks and balances.

Our People

We're more than 2,700 people strong — working in many different areas. Our employees have backgrounds in IT, engineering, finance and accounting, human resources, economics, law enforcement and more. Learn more about opportunities available at the Richmond Fed.

Our Leadership

Tom Barkin is president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

Becky C. Bareford is first vice president and chief operating officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

Our Bank’s Management Committee is led by senior executives from key business areas from across the Bank.

We’re overseen by a nine-member Board of Directors, who bring diverse perspectives and provide ground-level information about local economic conditions. Additionally, our branch offices in Baltimore and Charlotte each have a board of seven directors, who are appointed by the Richmond Fed or the Board of Governors.

The Board of Governors and each Federal Reserve Bank use advisory and working committees to assist us in our work, to provide insights into specific issues, and to facilitate understanding and education regarding the Federal Reserve's role in the nation's economy.

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