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The Federal Reserve is a “decentralized” central bank, with both a government component — the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C. — and an independent component with 12 regional Reserve Banks spread across the country, including the Richmond Fed. Together with the Board of Governors, we’re working together to support a healthy economy.

The Richmond Fed serves the public and communities across the Fifth Federal Reserve District — including the Carolinas, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and our nation’s capital.

The Richmond Fed, along with the other Reserve Banks, has its own corporate governance with the Board of Governors providing additional oversight and accountability to the public through a set of checks and balances. We carry out much of the Fed’s day-to-day operations, including supervising banks and providing payment services for the government and the financial system. We also conduct research and monitor local economic conditions, sharing these perspectives and information with our nation’s monetary and financial policymakers. 

Interim President and Chief Operating Officer Mark L. Mullinix

Mark L. Mullinix is interim president and chief operating officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

Management Team

The Management Committee, led by the president and first vice president and including senior executives from all our business areas across the Fifth District, establish and guide implementation of the operational and strategic goals of the Richmond Federal Reserve.

Board of Directors

In the Fifth District, the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is supervised by nine directors who are either elected by member banks or selected by the Board of Governors. Additionally, the branch offices in Baltimore and Charlotte each have a board of seven directors, who are appointed by the Richmond Fed or the Board of Governors.

Advisory Councils

The Board of Governors and each Federal Reserve Bank use advisory and working committees to assist them in their work, to provide insights into specific issues and to facilitate understanding and education regarding the Federal Reserve's role in the nation's economy.

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