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Roland Costa

Roland Costa is senior vice president with the Currency Technology Office and the Cash Product Office. He leads the Next Generation currency processing program for the CTO, which supports the cash processing operations of the Reserve Banks, the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the U.S. Secret Service.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Roland Costa has more than 30 years of experience managing complex technical programs in IT and the currency processing industry. He has also been actively involved in developing and supporting industry standards for currency processing central bank features.

Costa joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's Computer Planning department as a lead software systems manager in 1984 and transferred to the Bank's Business Application Services department as a systems analysis and programming senior manager in 1989.

Costa joined the Federal Reserve System’s Currency Technology Office (housed at the Richmond Fed) as a currency systems senior project manager in 1997. He was named currency technology officer in 1998, assistant vice president in 2000, vice president in 2002 and senior vice president in 2010. Costa also served as chief technology officer over High Speed Currency Technology and Sensor Initiatives for the CTO beginning in 2003, before assuming leadership for the CTO’s Next Generation program in 2016.

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