Biographies of Payments Services Officers

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Find out more about Payments Services' senior management and the teams they lead.

Dave Beck
Senior Vice President

Dave Beck joined the Baltimore Office as a budget and expense coordinator in 1984, and has held management positions in accounting, data services and cash services. He was named operations officer in 1995, assistant vice president in 1996, and vice president over cash and fiscal services, payment services and check processing in 1999.

Beck was promoted to senior vice president and regional executive of the Baltimore Branch on April 14, 2005. In addition to leading the Payments Services function, he has local responsibility for regional outreach and the Branch Board of Directors.

Cash Services

Terry Wright
Group Vice President

An Illinois native, Wright started his career in the Federal Reserve System at the Atlanta Fed in 1995. He relocated to the Richmond Fed in 2004 and was promoted to vice president in 2005, assuming responsibility for the Bank's check operations in Charlotte and Baltimore. Wright directs the Cash Services division and serves as the deputy regional executive at the Richmond Fed's Charlotte office. In addition to Cash Services, effective 2016, Wright also assumed responsibility for the District’s Law Enforcement Unit and was promoted to group vice president.

Kelly J. Stewart
Assistant Vice President

An Illinois native, Stewart started her career in the Federal Reserve System at the Kansas City Fed in 1992. She relocated to the Richmond Fed in 1997 to provide leadership in the check services area, and was subsequently promoted to assistant vice president of check services in 2007. Stewart currently leads the cash processing operations at the Bank's Charlotte office.

Payments Outreach

Chad Harper
Vice President and Senior Payments Advisor

A native of Louisiana, Harper joined the Richmond Fed in 2015 as vice president and senior payments advisor. In his current role, he advises the Bank’s leaders on payments issues and helps the Federal Reserve System advance payment initiatives. Before joining the Richmond Fed, Harper worked for the Federal Reserve for 17 years, including as vice president of operations, performance and finance for the Federal Reserve System’s Cash Product Office at the San Francisco Fed.

Currency Technology Office

Roland Costa
Senior Vice President

A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Costa joined the Richmond Fed as a lead software systems programmer/analyst in 1984. He moved to the Currency Technology Office in 1997, assuming the role of a currency systems project manager. Costa moved up the ranks, assuming his current position of senior vice president and chief technology officer in 2010. He currently oversees two cross-functional teams that provide technology and services to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of cash operations at all Reserve Banks, and to ensure the quality and integrity of U.S. currency in circulation.

Rebecca Goldberg
Vice President

A native of Cold Spring, N.Y., Goldberg joined the Richmond Fed in 2013 as assistant vice president in the Currency Technology Office, leading a team of engineers and analysts working on long-term projects for the U.S. Treasury, Secret Service and cash processing operations in the Federal Reserve System. She was named vice president in 2014 and currently leads teams responsible for the Currency Technology Office’s next-generation banknote processing program, as well as technical developments related to the current Systemwide banknote processing equipment.

Niranjan Chandramowli
Assistant Vice President

Born in India, Chandramowli joined the Richmond Fed in 2010 as a program director in application development. He was appointed assistant vice president in application delivery services in 2014 and in that position also led a Federal Reserve National Procurement Office program team. He was named assistant vice president of the Currency Technology Office’s next-generation currency sorting program in 2015.

Jonathan P. Martin
Assistant Vice President

Born in Culpeper, Va., Martin started at the Richmond Fed at its former Culpeper office as a budget and purchasing supervisor in 1990. He worked for several years in the Currency Technology Office before joining the District’s Cash Services in 1999 and assumed the role of assistant vice president of high-speed Cash operations for the District in 2004 and assumed responsibility for Richmond and Baltimore Cash operations in 2013. He was named assistant vice president of the Currency Technology Office’s technical services group in 2015.

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