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Mehdi Beyhaghi

Mehdi Beyhaghi (read Bay-Hagi) is a financial economist in the Supervision, Regulation and Credit department. His research focuses on financial economics, financial institutions, and international and U.S. corporate debt markets. He has received the Society of Financial Studies’ RAPS rising scholar award in 2018, as well as the best paper award in Risk Management from the Financial Management Association in 2011.

Prior to joining the Richmond Fed, Mehdi worked for over four years in academia, as an assistant professor of finance at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Prior to his academic experience he has worked as a research assistant at the Bank of Canada’s Financial Stability Department.

Mehdi received his bachelor’s degree and master’s of business administration from Sharif University of Technology in Iran. He received his master’s of economics from the University of Waterloo and his doctoral degree in finance from York University in Canada.

  • Publications

    Beyhaghi, M., and Ehsani, S. (2017), “The Cross-Section of Expected Returns in the Secondary Loan Market,” Review of Asset Pricing Studies, 2017, 7: 243–277.

    Beyhaghi, M., Panyagometh, K., Gottesman, A. and Roberts, G. (2017), “Do Tighter Loan Covenants Signal Improved Future Corporate Results? The Case of Performance Pricing Covenants,” Financial Management, 46: 593–625.

    Beyhaghi, M., Massoud, N., and Saunders, A. (2017), “Why and How Do Banks Lay Off Credit Risk? The Choice between Retention, Loan Sales and Credit Default Swaps,” Journal of Corporate Finance, 42: 335–355. (Invited by the editor)

    Oliveira, M., Kadapakkam, P. R. and Beyhaghi, M. (2017), “Effects of Customer Financial Distress on Supplier Capital Structure,” Journal of Corporate Finance, 42: 131–149.

    Beyhaghi, M., D’Souza, C., and Roberts, G. (2014), “Funding Advantage and Market Discipline in the Canadian Banking Sector,” Journal of Banking & Finance, 48: 396–410.

  • Working Papers

    “Lender Laws and International Lending,” with Rui Dai, Anthony Saunders, and John Wald.

    “Institutional Investors and Loan Dynamics: Evidence from Loan Renegotiations,” with Ca Nguyen and John Wald.

    “The Role of Borrower Consent in Credit Agreements,” with Saiying Deng, Yutao Li, and Anthony Saunders.

    “Impact of Lending Contract Heterogeneity on Borrower Groups,” with Fathali Firoozi.

    “Technology Disclosure and Capital market Uncertainty: The Role of Patents,” with Ali Mohammadi and Pooyan Khashabi.

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