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Community Development works with community partners to identify and address economic challenges and opportunities in low- and moderate-income communities in the Fifth District. In doing so, the department focuses on four core areas: People, Place, Small Business, and Policy and Practice.

Our Focus


Our People focus brings together programs and research that help improve the financial stability and economic mobility of low- and moderate-income communities and individuals.

This includes work that raises awareness about financial resources and services that can help individuals improve their financial management plans.

Workforce development - strategies that help people acquire skills that enable them to find and retain employment - also falls into the People category, and includes identifying and creating awareness of best practices so that policymakers, organizations and individuals can make informed decisions about human capital investment. 


Work done as part of the Place focus includes advancing comprehensive community development efforts targeted to geographically defined low- and moderate-income areas. 

Community Development also studies neighborhood stabilization programs and provides data and information that can be used to assess their effectiveness. 

Small Business

Community Development has a Small Business focus because small business is a key driver of economic growth. Our work in this area connects entrepreneurs and small businesses to resources and organizations that can help provide technical assistance and access to capital.  

Policy and Practice

Through the Policy and Practice focus, we work to improve the scale, sustainability and impact of the community development field. In addition, the department works to strengthen the implementation of the Community Reinvestment Act, which requires depository institutions to help meet the credit needs of the communities in which they operate - including low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. 

Our Mission

Community Development applies an understanding of economic issues and community development tools to strengthen low- and moderate-income communities across the Fifth District through sharing data-supported community investment strategies that promote economic mobility, improve access to credit and information, and support innovations that lead to economic growth. 

Our Vision

To be a premier source of community development expertise and serve as a catalyst in addressing economic issues in low- and moderate-income communities. 

The Community Development Staff is available to answer your questions and provide information about community development in the Fifth District. 

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