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Community Highlights

Oct. 20, 2017

North Carolina: Highlights from Greenville

Podcast: Financial Alternatives to Fund Small Business Growth

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In October, our Community Development team partnered with the NCEast Alliance to host Financial Alternatives to Fund Small Business Growth. Listen to the robust discussion and follow along with the presentations below!

Agenda (cover slide)

Jeanne Milliken Bonds, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, and John Chafee, NCEast Alliance - Conveners

Rick Kaglic – Economic OutlookRegional Mattters, Dec. 15, 2017

Jim Verdonik – Crowdfunding

Shannon McKay – Small Business Credit Survey

Patrick McHugh – Worker Owned Companies

Elizabeth Basnight – NC Growth 

Barry Ryan – The Rural Center’s Small Business Recovery Plan

Larry Biggs – Carolina Small Business Fund

Tara Campbell – North Carolina Community Development Initiative Capital 

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