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For Applicants

The Investment Connection application process gives community-based organizations an opportunity to present projects to funding entities that may want to provide financial support. Organizations seeking to have their initiatives reviewed for potential Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) eligibility may submit community and economic development projects through a Request for Proposal process. Organizations may submit multiple projects for consideration, but only one project per CRA specified category.

A select group of organizations that submit applications may be invited to deliver formal presentations to funders during Pitch Sessions held several times a year throughout the region. All applications/projects that receive approval will be housed long-term in a database that bankers, CDFIs, grantmaking institutions and other funders can register to review at any time and potentially fund.

What to Do

Interested in submitting an application? Please view our Application Training Webinar, gather the required information listed below and submit your application.

Application Training Webinar

screenshot of What is CRA? presentation

For Applicants: Our 2021 Application Training Webinar can be viewed by clicking on the image to the left. After viewing, please return to this page to submit your application.

Required Information

Among the key pieces of information needed to complete your Investment Connection application are:

  • Overview of your organization
  • Overview of your proposed project
  • How this project is potentially CRA-eligible (e.g., it assists with affordable housing, digital inclusion/broadband access, micro-lending/small business development, economic development, workforce development, etc.)
  • Population income by Area Median Income and other identifiers (such as free and reduced lunch for you)
  • Most recent financials for your organization


The Investment Connection application portal is open July 5-30, 2021 for potentially CRA-eligible projects serving rural communities.

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