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Smaller Cities that Think Big: Lessons from Resurgent and Transforming Cities

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Tue., May 29, 2012
3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Conference Call


This audioconference, which is part of the Federal Reserve System’s Connecting Communities call-in series, will highlight research conducted by the Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia Federal Reserve Banks on older industrial cities, with a particular focus on smaller cities. The session will consider:

  • What are the key elements or themes that explain why certain cities are doing better than others?
  • What strategies have smaller industrial cities utilized to deal with the decline in manufacturing jobs, demographic changes and economic trends?
  • What has been the role of various sectors (government, private and philanthropic)?
  • How can best practices be transferred from one community to the other?

Presenters will share the findings from various research initiatives and engage the audience in thinking about how to build a network of practitioners and policymakers around smaller industrial cities.

  • Jeremiah Boyle, Community Development and Policy Studies – Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Yolanda Kodrzycki, New England Public Policy Center – Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  • Alan Mallach, Visiting Scholar – Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 
  • Moderator: Prabal Chakrabarti – Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  • Facilitator: Sol Carbonell – Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

 There is no charge to participate, though pre-registration is required.



Community development professionals, economic development professionals, financial institution representatives, nonprofit organizations, community advocates, local leaders and policymakers.





Deadline: May 29, 2012

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