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The Fed Experience is an interactive exhibit that lets visitors explore their connection to the economy. The exhibit is free and open to the public.


Where can I find information about job opportunities or internships at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond? Information about career opportunities or internships can be found on this Web site. Internships are classified as Student Assistant A.
Economics majors interested in a career at the Federal Reserve may want to attend the program "A Day at the Fed".
Can I tour the Richmond Bank or its branch offices? Yes. Tours are by reservation only. Contact the Richmond, Baltimore or Charlotte offices to schedule a tour.
Can my tour/educational visit group have lunch at the Fed? Arrangements for meals differ at each office. Ask the person arranging your tour for guidelines and the contact information for the Food Services Department at that office.
Can I schedule an educational activity at the Richmond Bank or its branch offices? Yes. As with tours, educational visits are by reservation only. Contact the Richmond, Baltimore, or Charlotte offices for details.
How can I determine the value of an old coin or note? The Federal Reserve does not render opinions concerning the numismatic value of notes or coins. There are two good sources of information on this subject. First, public libraries have books with the values of old coins and notes. Alternatively, if you'd like to have the item appraised, you may contact several currency dealers and collectors. Listings are available in the telephone directory under the headings of CURRENCY and HOBBIES. Also, to obtain a list of local dealers, you may contact the American Numismatic Society by calling (212) 234-3130 or visiting its Web site

To determine the numismatic value of notes or coins, currency dealers may consider the condition, series date, denomination, production totals, and other factors. Grading is not an exact science; it is possible to have the same item appraised at different values.
Where can I purchase gold or silver? You can buy or sell precious metal bullion and coins from private dealers. Check your Yellow Pages or conduct an Internet search. Federal Reserve Banks neither buy nor sell precious metals.
The U.S. Mint offers a sales service where you can buy gold, silver or platinum coins. For more information, call (202) 283-2646 or visit their Web site.
Where can I find information about savings bonds? Information about savings bonds, including availability, redemption, and calculation of value, can be found on the Bureau of the Public Debt's Web site .
Does the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond offer information and resources for commercial bankers or others who are visiting classrooms? Yes. We offer publications, handouts and activities to enrich your experience in the classroom. See Information for Bankers speaking to K-12 Students.
How can I receive the mini bags of shredded money Shredded money packets are distributed to tour groups and workshop participants who visit the Bank. We are no longer distributing them to outside groups or classrooms.
How can I order historical figure bookmarks? Our bookmarks are a fun way to learn! Each bookmark includes brief biographies and fun facts about figures on money or in the history of economics, banking and the Federal Reserve System. Bookmarks are available online only for download and printing.
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