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The Fed Experience is an interactive museum that lets visitors explore their connection to the economy. The museum is free and open to the public.

Participants Resources

Who is allowed to attend the competition?

Please contact your regional organizer to determine if guests can be accommodated.

How many alternates can each team have and how are they allowed to participate?

Each team is allowed one alternate who should be prepared to compete in the regional competition in the event that one of the regular team members is unable. At the semi-final competition at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, the alternate will be allowed to witness the team's competition and participate in the Question & Answer (Q&A) part of the competition. At the final competition at the Board of Governors, the alternate is a witness only and is not allowed to participate in the Q&A part of the competition.

Will my team be allowed to watch other teams during the competition?

Teams and guests are not permitted to watch other teams present.

What should I wear during competition?

Business attire or interview attire is appropriate.

Are any expenses related to participating in the regional, semi-final and final competitions covered?

All expenses (travel, hotel, meals, transportation, etc.) related to participating in the regional, semi-final and final competition rounds are the responsibility of the participating team and are not covered by the host university or the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

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