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Inside the Fed Experience

The Fed Experience

A museum located in Richmond, Virginia, that introduces visitors to the Federal Reserve. The museum is a field trip destination for middle and high school students, as well as college and adult groups.

Lesson Plans & Classroom Activities

Study Group

These K-12 lesson plans, activities and publications are correlated with national and state teaching standards.

Your Connection to the Economy and the Federal Reserve

An infographic illustrating how the Federal Reserve connects to your daily life.

5E Navigator

5E Navigator is an online publication designed for financial literacy practitioners, educators and the public. It provides reliable information to help people make informed decisions about their personal finances. Each issue of 5E Navigator takes the reader on a navigation-themed journey exploring a personal finance topic.

My Money

My Money is an educational workbook for students in elementary school. Topics include money, coin equivalents, jobs, goods, services and barter.

Dollars and Sense

Dollars and Sense is a budgeting game for middle and high school students. Students select a lifestyle and budget for expenses and unexpected events. 

The Economic Goal of Price Stability

In this lesson, students participate in an exercise to experience effects similar to those that consumers experience when dealing with unstable prices.

Econ Focus Reading Q&A: Business Cycles

Econ Focus Reading Q&As are comprised of an article from our Econ Focus magazine accompanied by a quiz. The quiz differs depending on the content of the article, but is typically 10 or fewer questions with a combination of multiple choice or short answer. This Econ Focus Reading Q&A is on business cycles.

Econ Focus

This is the economics magazine of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. It covers economic issues affecting the Fifth Federal Reserve District and the nation and is published on a quarterly basis by the Bank's Research Department.

Is College Worth It?

A Richmond Fed economist references recent data and research in discussing the payoffs and challenges of pursuing post-secondary education. This presentation is directed to educators and financial literacy practitioners interested in helping high school students choose the best path for their future.

Federal Reserve Today

The booklet provides a detailed explanation of the functions, objectives and organization of the Federal Reserve System.

5E Educator

This electronic publication is designed to provide secondary teachers with economics content and classroom activities available from the Federal Reserve System.

Invest in What’s Next: Life After High School

Help your students navigate their first major financial decision – what path to pursue after high school. Through online, self-directed lessons, students build personal finance knowledge and skills to help implement a plan that’s right for them.

PSAs in the Classroom

Engage your students with short PSA videos, paired with easy-to-implement classroom activities, to demonstrate economic and personal finance concepts.

Deficit and Debt Direction Connection

Predict the effect of changes in the economy and other events on tax revenue, government spending, the federal budget and the national debt to determine the connection between deficit and debt.

Fed Centennial Lessons Combined

Conduct a readers' theater, interactive card sort, human timeline activity, and more to learn about the Fed’s history and functions, and how its role has evolved over the last 100 years.

Lemonade for Sale

Use the book Lemonade for Sale to discuss and classify productive resources. Hands on activities are a key part of this lesson and extension activities integrate mathematics and language arts into the exercise.

Fiscal & Monetary Policy: What's the Difference?

Examine quotes from news sources to distinguish the differences between monetary and fiscal policy.

Additional Resources


Teaching Money Virginia

Are you teaching Virginia’s high school economics and personal finance course? Teaching Money Virginia was created to help you find quality resources.