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Richmond Fed at a Glance

August 2019

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Ray Owens
The Richmond Fed’s Ray Owens recently provided an update on the economy during a program held in Petersburg, Virginia.

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  • Funding and Financing Smart Projects,” Jeanne Milliken Bonds, community development regional manager. The 2019 Global City Teams Challenge’s Smart and Secure Cities and Communities Challenge Expo, Washington, D.C. July 11, 2019.

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Selected Publications

  • The Value of Occupational Learning and Mobility. The Richmond Fed’s Economic Brief highlights how workers benefit from being able to switch between white-collar and blue-collar jobs. Switching occupational types enables workers to glean valuable information about their abilities and the careers that work best for them.
  • Monetary Policy Across Space and Time. The latest research from the Richmond Fed finds that inflation and unemployment have become less responsive to monetary policy in the United States and Europe since the early 1980s. Researchers also find that monetary policy actions are closely correlated across the United States, United Kingdom and the Eurozone.
  • Studying Opportunity Zones. The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created “opportunity zones” to draw long-term investment into distressed areas by offering tax incentives for investing in properties or businesses in the zones. There are more than 800 opportunity zones in the Richmond Fed’s district, and the latest Econ Focus magazine looks at the promise and pitfalls of this new financing model.
  • Understanding Initial Coin Offerings. Last year, firms raised billions of dollars in capital by selling digital tokens or coins. These initial coin offerings, or ICOs, may have some advantages over traditional corporate fundraising, but they also raise new questions for regulators.
  • Dealing With Monetary Policy Spillovers. The Fed has a mandate to meet domestic economic goals of maximum employment and stable prices. But changes in U.S. monetary policy can have spillover effects on other countries, too. As financial markets become increasingly global, should concerns about monetary policy spillovers shape the Fed’s actions?
  • The Effects of Rural Hospital Closings. Hospitals in rural areas across the country, especially in more distressed rural areas, are closing at an increasing rate. The latest issue of Econ Focus magazine explores the challenges faced by rural hospitals and what these closures mean for access to health care, economic activity and upward mobility in the affected communities.
  • Interview With Enrico Moretti. In an interview with the Richmond Fed’s Econ Focus magazine, Enrico Moretti of the University of California, Berkeley discusses why rich cities are becoming richer, the role of universities and cultural amenities in a region’s development, the effects of Amazon’s HQ2 decision and why Americans are relocating less.
  • A Capital Compromise. The latest issue of Econ Focus tells the story of how the District of Columbia was created and how the compromises reached in 1790 have had long-lasting political and economic repercussions for the region and the country.

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