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Richmond Fed at a Glance

July 2019

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Virginia Funders Summit
Tamara Copeland, retired president of Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers, discussed “The Collective Power of Philanthropy” during the Virginia Funders Network Visioning Summit held at the Bank on May 30, 2019.

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Special Report

  • D.C. Consumer Credit Report: Unequitable Growth & Concentrated Financial Vulnerability in the Nation’s Capital: Consumer Credit Trends in the District of Columbia, 2007-2017

Selected Publications

  • Market Concentration Concerns. Policymakers in the United States and Europe have expressed concerns that markets are becoming less competitive as they become more concentrated, but the Richmond Fed’s latest Economic Brief concludes that the evidence is mixed and more research is needed to reach a consensus.
  • Time-Varying Skewness and Real Business Cycles. Richmond Fed economist Toan Phan and Amazon senior economist Lance Kent examine how shocks to a country’s total factor productivity during periods of political unrest affect the business cycle. They find that political unrest increases volatility and negative skewness, which has substantial impacts on output, consumption and investment.
  • An Overview of CDS Auctions. Richmond Fed researchers Erica Paulos, Bruno Sultanum and Elliot Tobin examine the history of the credit default swap market. They examine recent CDS auctions and confirm previous findings that dealers have an incentive to manipulate the auction price to get better terms when they settle their CDS contracts.

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