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April 9, 2013

Introducing 5E Navigator

By Nick Haltom

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is producing a new publication called 5E Navigator. The publication’s mission is to provide reliable information in an imaginative format to help people make informed decisions about their personal finances. Each issue of 5E Navigator takes the reader on a journey exploring a personal finance topic. The first issue features credit reports.

While there is no shortage of personal finance materials, 5E Navigator aims to add value through its content and design. “A few things make this publication unique among personal finance resources,” says Urvi Neelakantan, Community Development research economist and manager. “First, we incorporate an economic theory foundation for the topic with the goal of enhancing economic literacy in addition to financial literacy. Then, we really work to engage our readers through the vibrant, navigation-themed design.”

For example, the first issue on credit reports incorporates an automotive theme that directs readers to their credit report and provides a road map for resolving credit report errors. It also explains the economics underlying credit reports and the function they serve in helping credit markets function more effectively.

5E Navigator will be produced online twice a year, featuring a new personal finance subject each time and a changing navigation theme. The next issue, which will come out this summer, will present information on paying for higher education and managing student loans.


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