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June 18, 2014

Charlotte Data Day Draws Experts, Policymakers and Community Leaders

By Laura Fortunato

Housing data, trends and analysis for the Charlotte region was at the core of the second annual Charlotte Data Day held June 17. The event, which was hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, featured more than a dozen presentations and workshops by regional and national experts, policymakers and community leaders.

Matt Martin, Charlotte regional executive, and Rick Kaglic, senior regional economist, were among the speakers for this year’s event. Martin discussed the challenges to finding affordable housing for Charlotte’s regional workers such as teachers, laborers and other service workers who are visible in the community and participate in the local economy.

“Recent research has shown how where we live (i.e., housing) is connected to educational outcomes, social networks, health outcomes — both mental and physical — and access to jobs. This suggests that we need to broaden the conversation around affordable or workforce housing and make the business case for its importance to the overall economic health of our communities,” Martin told an audience of more than 200 people.

Kaglic presented data and trends on mortgage foreclosures in North Carolina from before the 2008 financial crisis through today. In 2011, he said, “the mortgage foreclosure situation was very, very ugly,” because it had grown from less than one percent in 2007 to 2.8 percent in 2011. This data and its analysis is helpful in gaining insights into the dynamics at work in the community, he noted. “We can use mortgage data like this in assessing risk, conducting research and to inform the public,” Kaglic said.

Listen to Matt Martin’s presentation

Matt Martin’s presentation slides

Listen to Rick Kaglic’s presentation

Chris Estes' presentation slides

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