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April 21, 2014

Life After High School

The Council for Economic Education (CEE) delivers economic education and financial literacy to K–12 students by educating the educators. Their impact is perhaps best demonstrated by what participants in the programs — teachers and students — say about their experiences. CEE is the recognized thought-leader in this field and is driving improvements from coast to coast.

Through its network of over 200 national affiliates (state councils and university-based centers for economic education), CEE delivers resources. And each year, during the month of April, CEE celebrates Financial Literacy Month.

What path should a student choose after high school? Apply to college? Join the workforce? Enroll in career or technical training? As students ask these questions, our president, Jeffrey Lacker, offers his thoughts on Life After High School in a blog post on CEE’s website.

This year, CEE is promoting a dialogue about Financial Literacy Month on social media platforms using the hashtag #FinLitMonth to keep the conversation going.

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